Internet Download Manager Tips

Internet Download Manager is a software which increase download speeds by up to 5 times. If you want to become an internet Download manager then there are some easy, fast and effective tips to speed up your downloads. Everyone wants high speed downloading in laptop. We download many files while searching on internet like movies, songs, pictures and other media. For this thing you must have a good download manager in your laptop or PC. Internet Download Manager manages all your types of downloads. Here you can find information about 5 Internet Download Manager Tips and Tricks.

Change Your Default Settings

You should change your default settings. This thing will increase the download speed. You can just open Internet Download Manager and click on the download tab. In the configuration window select connection. You can also change maximum connections. You can find informative data about 5 Internet Download Manager Tips and Tricks.

Internet Download Manager Tips

Add Download Link Manually

If you are downloading your desired media from a specific browser and it is too slow then you can add file to Internet Download Manager manually. You just need to open the program and click on Add URL button. Now simply copy and paste the required link into the field.

Automate And Schedule Downloads

When you are downloading many files at the same time then Internet Download Manager works slow because there is not much bandwidth available at once. You can create a scheduled queue of files and you can speed up the download time for all. You can create new queue by just clicking on Queue and give it a name. Now right click on the files that you want to add in the new queue.

Tips and Tricks.

Download All Website Content Fast

The easy way to download all website content quickly is Grabber function. You just click on the grabber tab on the right of the main screen. Next you enter the name of your project and enter in the site for downloading.

Change Registry Settings

You can boost the download speed of Internet Download Manager by changing the registry settings. You should be careful while editing registry entries. Failure of this step can lead to many problems in your operating system.

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