Capcha Working

How CAPTCHA Security Word Works

CAPTCHA stands for “Completely Automated Public Turing Test”. It is a tool which tests to tell Computers and Humans Apart. There are different types of CAPTCHA. You can find information about  How CAPTCHA security word works?. Here the question is how does CAPTCHA exactly serve? It is a software which perform actions on the behalf of actual humans. For example when you are signing up for a new email account then you can see the CAPTCHA and you have to solve it before further steps.

Why It Is Necessary To Create A Turing Test?

The main function of CAPTCHA is to test the difference between Human and Computer bot. CAPTCHA can be deployed to protect systems that are vulnerable to email spam.


CAPTCHAs are mostly used to prevent spammers from using a bot. CAPTCHAs are mostly used by websites. They also offer other services like registration forms.

Capcha Working

How CAPTCHA Security Word Works

Types of CAPTCHA

CAPTCHA makes surety that the person using the computer is not a robot. These examples include word solving, audio, 3D questions and math solutions.

CAPTCHA With An Audio Option

This is the most popular CAPTCHA. You have to identify the audio in this CAPTCHA. Here the question is How does the CAPTCHA security word work? CAPTCHA is mostly used for security purpose.

Picture Identification CAPTCHA

In this type of CAPTCHA, you have to select the correct picture from some pictures. For example if there are some pictures and you have to select the pictures with cars. If you select right image then it gives you a green tick. If you need to get more information about CAPTCHA.


This is one of the most difficult types of CAPTCHA. In this type there are three dimensional CAPTCHAs  including both images and words.

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