SEO Friendly Content Tips

Content writing is not an easy task. You should need to write that post which keeps your readers interested. You should help your readers to grasp the main idea of your post by providing headings and subheadings. If the content that you write is interesting then your visitors share that content on social networking sites like tweeter, Facebook, Instagram. If you want to improve your ranking in Google then you should try to maximize your writing skills. There are some SEO Friendly Content Tips.

Unique and Original Content

When writing a content you should keep it in mind to write unique and original content in your article. You have to add that content which shows something new. Your text should not be exact copy of from any other website or any online source. Get information about SEO Friendly Content Tips. Google is very sharp in identifying duplicate content and if Google find any duplicate content then there is no reason for Google to rank a website. Here the question comes in mind how do you ensure that your content is unique. You can use different plagiarism checking tools for this purpose.

SEO Friendly Content Tips

                                          SEO Friendly Content Tips

Use Paragraphs In Your Content

You should write your content in paragraphs and make sure that you are using that content which makes sense. Every paragraph should have a main idea or main subject. If you need more sentences then you simply need more paragraphs.

Add Content Regularly

Adding functional information to your website will give Google the idea that your website is unique. If you are not updating your blog regularly then this puts a negative impact on SEO and Google.

Use Images And Optimize Them


For making your content friendly you should add images in your content to show it attractive and more people will visit and read your post. Images are good for the user. The benefit of adding images are it makes easier for visitor to read the content.

Choose Your Keywords And Use Them Wisely

Always choose that keywords which are unique and suitable to your content. This will help search engines to rank your post.

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